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13 Nov 2011 4:17 PM | Anonymous

Hi friends,

Thankyou for the lovely flowers and good wishes at the last meeting.  I'm in Arizona now.  I found a job with Anna DeJesus of Nutrition Alliance- the website is She won the DHCC Distinguished Member award at FNCE in Boston.  It is quite a progressive company and I expect to learn a lot.  I will be a private contractor with the company doing the usual.  I will have a few of my own accounts, do coverage, mock surveys.  I will travel to do some accounts 1xmonth, or 1xquarter.  It seems I will do high risk.  All accounts have a diet tech- most with 4 yr degrees, some dtr's who do a lot of what RD's in NJ do.   I mentioned that that would never fly in NJ.  Medicare cuts have been deep and it is not likely that it will change.  I have had an offer from a similar company with the same situation.  I interviewed with Fresnius- asked for $30/hr- " no one makes that much"  was the response.  Unfortunetely, I will make 1/2 of what I made in NJ. 

I found a nice 2 bedroom/bath, fireplace, patio, washer/dryer for $800.  The car insurance will be less because AZ does not have mandatory no fault or medical coverage.  The gas is about the same as NJ, as well as cable, electric, food and WINE.

Also, they already do QIS surveys here.  So far I know it is important to not get into phase II.

That's it so far.  Start work Wednesday.

My new address is 6599 E Thomas Rd,# 2112, Scottsdale, AZ 85251.  same phone and email.



  • 21 Nov 2011 9:18 PM | Sheryl Saretsky
    Congratulations Maria! I am so happy that you are settling in. Good luck with the new consulting position. Keep in touch!
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  • 17 Jan 2012 8:29 PM | Mary Chambers
    All good news Maria, very happy you found a place and a steady job you like and are real comfortable in doing. I miss you, keep in touch. Wishing you continued luck and happiness in 2012!
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  • 26 Jan 2012 9:27 AM | Cheryl Ann Macellaro (Administrator)
    At the winter conference in Princeton today! Saved you a seat! Hope it's nice and warm in the desert sun! Princeton has remnants of snow from last week! Talk to you on FB!
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  • 02 Mar 2012 9:01 AM | Mary Piciocco (Administrator)
    Maria, I am so glad that you are settling in out there. We do miss you and hope you can arrange a visit during one of our meeting dates so that all of us get a chance to see you again! Thanks for sharing your last job quote....makes me thankful for the salaries we do get! Gas in NJ just went up to $3.60/gallon. Ouch.
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