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03 Mar 2011 5:11 PM | Anonymous

Thanks for the great response to my decaf coffee question.  Here is a summary of the responses:

We serve decaff coffee on trayline and in dining rooms.  But regular coffee machines are accessible to patients in our main TV room on subacute.

We do serve decaf, but the same thing happened recently. One resident at a meeting requested regular be served.  I defended decaf due to medical reasons, so dietary is providing regular instant coffee packets. Maybe that will work?___________________________________________________________________ 

We serve decafe, but do have regular available for staff so if a resident requested it we could provide it. _______________________________________________

we serve decaff coffee/tea to all residents, but will serve regular coffee /tea if requested.  I found lately that most sub acute prefers the decaffinated drinks.


Most of my facilities do serve decaf coffee, but we have regular coffe in break room for employees so if a resident wants regular we give it to the individual.


Maria, We did recently switch to offer regular coffee as well as decaf. Residents default to decaf unless they specify difference for the long termers. For the subacutes, they actually select menus on paper so they indicate their preferences. We use a liquid coffee base so we have the option of brewing by cup or by pot. Maxwell House is accepted by the residents really well.
Yes we serve regular and decaf  coffee, no grapefruit/juice. Too many DNI
We have a few residents with Dr orders stating "may have caffeine". These residents get their own coffee, whether from activities' purchasing instant coffee, or from outside source. Dietary continues to provide decaf cof/tea. Problem in many bldgs is caffeine containing sodas available in vending machine. After many months of waiting, we finally got a vending machine with no name, caffeine free sodas for a lower cost to the residents. As for the sugar content of some sodas in machine & the diabetics...a whole other issue. P.S. I thought back in the early 90's, the state didnt want dietary to serve caffeine?



  • 14 Mar 2011 5:40 PM | Anonymous
    here is another response:
    We use decaf in the facility I work at. If a resident wants and is allowed regular, the staff will provide it from their coffee urn which has regular. Too many contraindications with meds not to mention insomnia, anxiety, etc. to serve regular across the board. Also, I think a lot of residents might not want regular with the dinner meal since possibly too close to bedtime for them. Will you have to get orders for "may have regular coffee" or "decaf coffee only"? The upside would be for FS. Isn't regular less expensive?
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