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22 Aug 2010 10:20 PM | Anonymous

I hope every one has read the great newsletter.  Good work Nimi and everyone!!  In my article I proposed 2 questions that can be answered here.  " Is the Listserve useful??"  "Should it continue?".



  • 26 Aug 2010 5:02 PM | Anonymous
    It would be great if everyone on the listserv would contribute questions and information about what is going on locally of interest to members. I am new to the area and would like to get to know other NJ-DHCC members better! Let's connect more on the listserv.
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    • 29 Jan 2011 4:58 AM | Anonymous
      Here is my theory as to why the listserv is underutilized:
      A.) OUr forcefields againt the river of information and new technologies and updated versions of new technologies, all flowing toward us. In order to remain functional, go to work, sleep, etc we have to block out/ignore much of it. Therefore the existence of the Listserv is potentially blocked out/ignored. B.)Many have not used Listservs previously, are unfamiliar. The user directions could be even more basic, beginner level. I C.) The name of it needs to be so descriptive that a Listserv Newbie/Beginner understands it's function just from the name. How about naming it "LTC RD Conversation or Discussion Place" or something like this which captures the INtervactive aspect and the professional aspect. I would collaborate on this.
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      • 29 Jan 2011 6:23 AM | Anonymous
        Once you get over the fear of trying- technology is a great thing. I find it confusing and take baby steps too. If the directions for the listserve are more basic would you use it over the blog? I don't think enough of us use the website and will not get the information. If it goes write to your email than you can determine if you want to read it. Using the blog is an extra step for me.
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        • 07 Feb 2011 3:41 AM | Darlene Morrison
          I am technologically challenged at times. Going straight to my e-mail and choosing to read or respond, makes it easier for me!
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