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Diets Offered at Facility - Please Share!

19 Mar 2015 11:31 PM | Anonymous

I am trying to get information from as many members as possible.  Please let me know what diets you provide in your facilities.  Do any of you have a heart healthy option as part of your daily selective menu?  Do you have therapeutic spreadsheets of particular diets?

Any information is helpful.

Kathleen Garriques


  • 22 May 2015 12:19 AM | Mary Piciocco (Administrator)
    Kathleen, We have a very active subacute unit with a large component of cardiac (CHF) cases. For my non-medical residents, we try to limit to Regular/NAS/CCD and then the consistency changes.
    For the medical side, we are virtually running a hospital type with the diets listed in our diet manual. Depending on admissions, see: Na Restricted (CHF/CVA), Fiber Restricted(new colostomy/GI sx), Renal (ESRD w/HD), some Fat Restricted (GB or pancreatitis), Fluid Restricted (CHF/Renal/Ascites), TF and occasional TPN.
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