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11 Apr 2013 12:07 PM | Anonymous

Wondering if any of your facilities has the kitchen staff thicken the coffee and tea or have the CNA's do it on the units.

Please let me know


Sr. Pat Finnerty, RD


  • 17 Apr 2013 10:37 AM | Anonymous
    At my facility, the kitchen staff thicken both hot and iced tea. We use packets of nectar and honey think coffee. It is Nestle Resource Thickened Instant Coffee Powder. Add one packet to 6 oz of water, and this helps to make sure it ends up the right consistency. It is usually hard enough to train the kitchen staff how to do this correctly. Our goal is to never have a CNA thicken anything. Most of our liquids come pre-thickened. Some thickening powder is in pantries on the units, but it should be used rarely, and only by a speech therapist or nurse.
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